Wa'kanda Retreat & Spa

Mind & Spirit

Crystal Nation Healing

Lay on a large buffalo hide to Connect your body with nature and mother earth. we place an arrangement of crystals, minerals, and other stones upon your back with the help of the spirits. The stones then energize your body and activate all the cells.

Spirit Journey

Leave all your thoughts behind and let your self be taken into a deep spritual journey guided by our native american healer.

Traditional Ceremonies

~Traditional Healing is with our native american healer, He/She will listen to your intentions of healing. She works with spirits, ancestors, or animal spirits to relay their messages to you on how you can be healed from heart ache, loss, health problems, relationship guidance, protection of self/home, etc. 

~Talking Circle- healing with talking out without disruption and judgment.  Allow the mind and heart to connect. 

~Sweat lodge - Enter into a willow lodge with our grandfather hot rocks to cleans the mind, body and Spirit.  Must have 2 or more for ceremony. (Off premises in East Mountains)(Request only)

~Protection, cleansing, blessing, Prayer ceremony- We will come to your home or place to be blessed, cleansed, protected. This can be for your home, family, personal reasons. 

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