Wa'kanda Retreat & Spa

Body Treatments

We offer a variety of healing treatments. You may package 3 treatments together for a 120 minute treatment, or experience an individual 90 minute treatment.
Individuals are first consulted with a Medicine Healer to state intentions, you are then taken to enter a 15 min aroma therapy sauna to open your pores and release any toxins, now you are ready to open your heart for your healing treatment/s.  After your session, create an art piece to express your experience and enjoy a smoothie or tea.


Medical Massage

this massage is targeted to resolve specific conditions or an area of pain or injury. we will be balancing & releasing the physical pain with the emotional pain. This is our most common massage our guests come in for. 

Cranial Sacral Massage

using gentle hand pressure to stimulate skull skeleton & Sacrum & connective tissues. Align and balance your nervous system, brain and spinal cord. This is best when you have migraines, scoliosis, asthma, children with attention deficit hyperactivity, or patients with past birth trauma or head trauma.

Hot River Stone Massage

River Stones are hand selected for your body, warm stones are placed upon your back. The warmth and the movement of stones will releases tensions and spasms. 

Aromatherapy Massage

Our therapist will choose a plant oil that will focus on your intention of service. The Plant oil will be rubbed into your skin to be absorbed. it will promote changes in the mind and body by working on your limbic system. we highly recommend this for all patients. use of relaxation to Digestion to back pain and to much more.

New Mothers Massage

Lets take some pressure off. our therapist takes the deepest care and intentions to help new mothers that are experiencing stress, discomfort, encourage blood and lymph circulation, aids sleep, helps with deppression or anxiety, or simply to relax. 

Body Treatments


take the time to heal your body fully. our technique is used to move toxins or waste fluid from damaged area of the body and creating more fluid to flush toxins out. damaged area can be a result from cancer or surgery. 

Organ Unwinding

using energetic stimulation and acupressre points to stimulate organs to open, detoxify, and balance the organs.  

Tuning Forks and Sound Healing

Balance your nervous system, muscle tone and organs into harmnic balance. Exeperience states of deep relaxation in seconds, reduce stress, increase blood flow, and enhance your immune response. 

Mild Brain Injury

when the brain is injured due to compression, inflammation, or injury, healing techniques are customized to bring detoxification and recovery to the brain, spinal fluid, and parasympathetic nervous system.

Cancer Recovery

understanding the process of renewal, reenergizing, strengthening and detoxificaion; this healing treatment incorporates the mind, cells, emotions and Spirit and supports the balancing the enviornmental factors.   

Skin Treatments

Animal Spirit Wrap

A specialized clay or herbal remedy is put together on the spot for your healing needs. Your body will be painted with the clay or with herbal remedy then you will be wrapped within a buffalo robe. herbal shower waits for you to rinse off.

Sacred Body Scrub

We place our grounded blue corn meal, scared cocoa powder, and warm fresh Honey in a very sacred geometrical design. It is rubbed into your skin to exfoliate, moisturize, move toxins out, and rejuvenate your skin cells. Herbal shower waits for you to rinse off.  

Herbal Cleansing, Peel Mask, and Rejuvenation Facial

Using herbal products and ingredients we will deep cleanse face and kneck to take away your built up dirt and take away all old and dry skin. Let us rejuvenate and awaken new cells in your face and your kneck

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