Wa'kanda Retreat & Spa

Body, Mind & Spirit Healing Treatments


Body Treatments

~Massages: Relaxation,Medical,  Hot/Cold Stone, Cranial Sacral, Aroma Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Flower/Mineral Essence, Crystal/Mineral Healing, Prenatal & Infant, Mild Brain Injury Recovery, Cancer Recovery, Neural Reset Therapy

~Body Treatments: Organ Unwinding, Tuning Forks/Sound Healing, Raindrop Therapy with Tuning Forks, Mindfulness/Journeying Healing 

~Skin Treatments: Salt/Blue Corn & Cacao Scrubs, Herbal Wraps, Hydrotherapy, Fresh Herbal Korean Atomy Facials 


Mind & Spirit 

~Crystal Healing

~Spritual Journey

~Traditional Healings & Ceremonies

~Medicine Wheel

~Mindfulness Meditation

~Intuitive Healing



Healing Prices

60 minute Basic Body Massage    


90 minute Basic Body Massage


60 minute Medical Massage, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Organ Unwinding, or Stone Massage (Comes with 15 min of Aroma Spa and Smoothie/Tea)


90 minute Medical Massage, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Organ Unwinding, or Stone Massage (Comes with 15 min of Aroma Spa, Herbal Tonic)


60 minute Body Therapy, Body Wraps, or Body Scrubs with Essential Oils, Flower Essence, Minerals, Salt, or/and Crystals (Comes with Shower, Herbal Tonic)

~ $115

90 minute Body Therapy with Meditation Journing, Body Wrap, or/and Body Scubs with Essential Oils, Flower Essence, Minerals, Salt or/and Crystals (Comes with Shower, Herbal Tonic)


75 minute Atomy Facial - Korean fresh Herbal Product Cleansing, Peel Mask, Moisturizing, and Relaxing facial massage (Comes with hand/arm/neck massage, facial steam and 15 min Aroma Sauna)



120 minute Package

 This includes a consultation with our medicine woman or man to state intentions and prayers. You choose 3 healing treatments that are customized to your healing and relaxation needs. All treatments are followed with a soothing herbal shower, herbal tonic, then closing with art session to express your healing journey to calm the mind



Healer's Program

Weekly healing/massage sessions designed specifically for your health needs.  Healing is designed to use any of the tools, medicine, oils, and insights for healing to occur.  Please call for more information and evaluation

~$60/hour    ~$90/1.5 hours 


Soul Retrieval-Calling back the Soul & healing deep trauma and wounds to the emotional, mental, spiritual levels that affect physical levels.  ~Price, length & number of sessions vary


Ceremony, Prayer, Traditional Counseling, Sweat Lodge or Blessings

~On Donation Basis (please call before scheduling an appointment)