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Creating a Sacred Space
September 2019

A sacred space can be a place for prayers or for you to connect with yourself and with your intentions. Here are a few tips to help create a sacred space in your home.

Eating on the Run
August 2019

Times are changing and we may not have all the time to prepare meals. Here is a teaching for eating on the run.

Our Products- GCOOP
August 2019

We are a chemical-free spa, organic, and eco friendly salon. Learn what GCOOP is and has to offer.


Physical Balance

With our commitment to your relaxation and physical balance, we offer a variety of relaxing body treatments to help you unwind and detoxify. Through various healing modalities, One release the body’s resistance or blockages and allows the true nature of healing.

Treatments we offer are Relaxing and Deep Tissue Massage, Body Scrubs, Herbal Body Wraps, Hydrotherapy, Cupping, Moxa, Lymphatic Drainage, Scalp and Facial Massage, and much more.


Energy & Mental Healing

With our unique spiritual spa, we heal by increasing energetic frequencies and harmonize your mind by opening pathways through rituals and ceremonies. By allowing the natural elements, sound healing, hands-on healing, and guided meditation, One’s energy pathway will open to deeper relaxation and connect with their greater purpose in life.


Dream & Spiritual Healing

Understand and honor the messages that were sent from the spirits, ancestors or past life dreams. Through these messages, we will work to create inner balance, connection and harmony.

During ceremonies, you will understand how to become one with all. Seek your passion for life by opening the pathways to your divine fire and light.


Our Products

We honor and respect our highest quailty of products chosen for your treatments. We utilize organic and chemical free: Homeopathic, Flower Essence, Essential Oils, and Korean Skincare, Bodycare, and Household Products.


Reserve Your Spiritual Awakening

We welcome you to our Pueblo inspired day spa located within the historic Old Town of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Our Retreat & Spa is very distinguished. Each appointment is specialized for your healing and relaxation needs. Please relay your physical and emotional needs for healing.

To reserve a space in our upcoming meditation retreat or other healing events, please complete and send the form or call our office.

This online form is available to you 24/7. Thank you for seeking out further information. We will see you soon for your upcoming appointment.