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We are Native American women owned business from Laguna & Isleta Pueblo's, New Mexico, USA. We specialize in blending Native medicinal healing with Buddhist and Spiritual philosophy with the focus of connecting the mind, body, and spirit. The healing staff at Wa'kanda Retreat & Spa incorporates ancient healing doctrines utilizing techniques that have been handed down for thousands of years. Our healing touch may include intuitive spiritual guidance, hands on healing, crystal healing modalities, ceremonies, meditation, and relaxing aromatherapy and herbal spa treatments. Every healing treatment is personalized to your individual  needs and intentions. We incorporate the ancient native medicine and traditional treatments utilizing organic natural products that enhance your well being leaving you with a lasting memory of our healing touch.

We are located in the charming Old Town Plaza, 2045 South Plaza, NW, Albuquerque New Mexico 87104.  Phone: 505.503.5093

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~Camille (Kowa-bawn-shunni, Path to get Evergreen)

Camille was raised in the Pueblo of Isleta. Through out her youth she was always by her grandparents; raising livestock, hauling hay, ranching, and baking. Her mother, Karen and her Grandparent's, shared their teachings of love, gratitude, and respect for all.  They emphasized the care and respect for the enviroment and nature as it takes care of the animals and all other beings.  

 Her family provided a strong structure for her personal growth. She was taught how to care for All Beings, offer a helping hand even when its not called upon, and always recognize and honor where she comes from. Camille has attended and supported her family at the South Dakota Sun Dances; moved to Boston to learn about Korean healing in mindfulness and cancer related; cared for her grandfather and great uncle when they both had Alzheimer's and Dementia; and Camille has also had the privilege to travel the world learning about and respecting all cultures. Camille has previous experience in healing, as she has worked for the Collaborative, which cares for individuals whom are in need of daily caregiving. She has also helped the former Center for Native American Integrative Healing, LLC. when located in Santa Fe Plaza, New Mexico. She assisted the healers in ceremony and care for sacred spaces.  She became certified in applying American Clay.  American clay is natural indoor clay plaster that is so similar to her Grandparents adobe and natural clay walls in their home.  With Camille joining Wa'kanda Retreat & Spa, she will specialize in creating organic, medicinal, and herbal homemade teas, juices, soap, bath, and beauty products. Her compassionate and energetic spirit welcomes you as the door opener and path to healing.

~Karen (Ba-Whee, Rain that comes over the Mountains)

Karen Waconda was born into a very strong, united, educated, and loving family.  She did spend a lot of her time with her grandparents who originally showed her the value of our Mother Earth, minerals, gardening, herbs, and healing. Her parents and grandparents always reminded her to be respectful and caring to all Beings, and to have faith, love and humility as a foundation in serving others.

While Karen was attending College for Nutrition/Dietetics and Community Health, her grandfather had a stroke; she immediately offered to care for him. She often tells the story of her sneaking in herbal remedies to cure her grandfather of paralysis while he was in the hospital.  The attending physician caught her and suggested she obtain a massage license. Later, she was initiated by her Medicine Mother to carry the sacred native medicine and heal others in need.  Her devotion is to the sacred medicine and combines with mastered hands-on-healing, intuitive healing and ceremonies.

Her passion is caring for crystals, minerals, essential oils, herbal remedies and the sacred medicine.  She enjoys beading, making pottery on the wheel, soaps, lotions and creams, and caring for her family and animals.  In the heart of all, she supports the continuity of spirituality growth, the balance of the four elements (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire), support the passion of life through creativity and education, care for and support fearlessness in life transformation processes. 

She loves to travel and meet people all over the world; sharing stories, medicine, food, and laughs.  Her soul connection is sharing with her daughter Camille and granddaughter Ka'achini (the One who Brings Rain), meditating and being in the moment. 




In 1992, Karen Waconda received her massage and medical massage license and assisted Olympic athletes with nutrition and massage therapy.  Later she received training in cranial unwinding, cranial sacral, Neural Reset Therapy, Seroyal and UNDA medicinals, Reiki, trauma and medical massage, aromatherapy, energy healing, Mild Brain Injury healing and Cancer recovery. She massaged individuals with physical disabilities and became the first massage therapist at Isleta Casino for the employees.  She was state of New Mexico chronic disease nutritionist, research assistant at the University of New Mexico, Program Manager for the state Office of Rural Health, developed the first urban native Integrative healing clinic and linked Veteran Hospital and other local health facilities in native healing.  She has contributed her knowledge at Isleta Pueblo as a Diabetes Nutritionist and Laguna Pueblo, as a Health Educator where she linked traditional beliefs and culture to wellness activities.  She serves as appointed member to the University of New Mexico, School of Medicine BA/MD Selection Committee, a healer to NM Family Cancer Services, and a co-founder to the Albuquerque People of Color Vipassana meditation Sangha.  As a Community Dharma Leader, graduate of Spirit Rock Community Dharma Leader Program 3, she leads meditation sits and provides dharma talks nationally.  As an initiated medicine carrier of the sacred medicine, she provides hands-on-healing, leads and pours for sweat lodge ceremonies, officiates marriages, provides ceremonies for birth and dying, protection and prayers for all stages of life.


Client Reviews

Hope; Alleviation of stagnant pressures & pain; Improves sleep; Reduction of inflammation; Peace.
— LB
I knew that, this for me, was home. The Centers, offer a unique blend of healing assistance, a combination of Native American healing with Western modalities and Vipassana Buddhism.
— Susan G ~ Green Fire Times Magazine
Her treatments are deeper than standard massage, releasing spiritual, emotional, or physical trauma that was hidden.
— Marla P ~ New Mexico Woman Magazine
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